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Rolta, started in 1972, with the aim to power the world with energy efficient and hassle-free solutions and create the highest level of positive customer experience. With endless hunger, young blood, and an enthusiastic approach, here they are leading newer markets as we enter into newer product segments. Founded by
Mr. Makhija, he himself looks into the micromanagement of every tiny detail from insight to instrument. He ensures that every little gap is filled even if that means a higher cost of production to the company. Product quality has always been the hallmark of the company and everyone works in synergy to constantly invent better ways to create zero defect prodcuts that focus high on saferty and synergy to constantly invent better ways to create zero defect products that focus high on safety and sustainability, pretty much reflecting the company's values here.

With a vision to have the highest form of corporate excellence in ethics and customer delight, our employees strive relentlessly towards being the preferred choice for individuals and industries. At Rolta, money is a by product; our value system and its transparency, the love from our staff and customers is the true legacy we wish to leave behind. Here, our employees don't just work for us, we work for them too. We leave no stone unturned to ensure their growth, reward them for their effort, appreciate their time and care for their future. And in turn they help us engineer thoughtful solutions to make your life easier; to make sure they have a convenient and hassle-free experience too!" Mr. Makhija envisions a future where businesses and communities flourish together with long term collaborations and a global presence that has an unparalleled reputation.